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Full Access to AHEC Manager

$1799.00 one time fee + $60.00/month*
Unlimited access!
Unlimited events!
Total control!
Works with your website!
Works with your Credit Card Merchant Account!  
No merchant account?  We’ll accept credit cards for you!**

*Includes initial setup, data import and training; back-ups, maintenance technical support, SSL and more!
**transaction fees apply


Purchase by event

Customized by event
$3.00 – $4.00 per registration
$200 event set-up fee
Works with your website!
Credit Cards automatically accepted or work with your existing merchant account.**


Set up time varies based on data to be imported and credit card setup.  Your database can usually be set up in about a week.

*If your AHEC has an existing credit card merchant account,  we can program the database to communicate with the account