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The AHEC Manager

Years ago, as Continuing Education Coordinator at Gulfcoast North AHEC, Inc near Tampa, Florida, I was frustrated with the inability to easily keep track of people on our mailing list.  I tried to use Excel and Access to categorize people based on discipline, but found querying out what I wanted was cumbersome.  I had tables that were dedicated to physicians, nurses, and other health professionals, but found it expensive and time consuming if I only wanted to mail a marketing brochure to a select discipline(s) and/or specific counties.  Furthermore, I was the only one in the office who could figure out how to do it.

When we had registration for the event, I would have to create separate lists for each program with record keeping of participants separated into different tables.  WHAT A MESS!  We needed a solution, so the AHEC Manager was developed.

Since the AHEC Manager is online, we do not have to worry about compatibility and upgrade issues that occur with programs like MS Access.  If you spend the time programming Access to do something like this, it will have to be reprogrammed when a new version of Access comes out.

Using SQL and Microsoft.Net, we are able to maintain compatibility.  Furthermore, we have the flexibility to program specific needs that you may have into the database!

Pulling data combinations from the database is a snap.  Just select what you want, in any combination, and export to an Excel file or HTML time.  Our database contains more than 6000 records.  Running a query that includes the nurses, dietitians and physicians that attended Program A and Program B who live in these 3 counties takes less than 60 seconds!

Currently, over 85% of the registrations that we accept for upcoming events are done online, drastically reducing manual entry.  Last year alone, we were able to provide over 25,000 hours of continuing education training.  Instantaneous confirmation emails are sent enhancing communication between you and the participant.  And, using the database to prepare materials for the event is incredibly easy.

The database has also provided us opportunities to contract with organizations to handle their registration process for healthcare programs, bringing in potential funding sources!